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Volkswagen’s New Commercial

With over 3 million views on YouTube, many people have already seen Volkswagen’s follow up to last year’s kid Vader commercial. I like this commercial, but not as much as the “The Force,” and here’s why:  It just doesn’t tug at my heartstrings.  “The Force” is something that evokes emotion in me. Maybe it’s because I … Continue reading

Zach Wahls Video

So this video is circulating the internet for about the third time.  And rightfully so. I’m not going to try comment on the video because I know it won’t be nearly as eloquently put as Zach’s speech.  Great poise and interesting points made by such a young guy. Keep this in mind when voting on … Continue reading

Sony’s “Michael” PS3 Ad

I don’t always play video games.  But when I do, I use an XBox 360.  However, Sony really hit a soft spot with their target audience with this ad.  They use recognizable characters as well as characters that players may have some attachment to in order to sell their product – not to mention they … Continue reading

Swagger Wagon

My Intro to Ad class examined this ad the other day and I really enjoyed it.  To be honest, most rapping ads are embarrassing to watch – they are like watching a car crash and the flow of the lyrics will leave your ears bleeding. Toyota did a great job with this campaign.  I’ve seen … Continue reading