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UNC. On a boat.

Yes, this is old news by now.  Stay with me.  Here are my thoughts on the Carrier Classic. Whoever thought of this should be given an award of some sort.  This is the greatest public relations/marketing event I have ever seen. Quicken Loans really out did themselves  this time. The stars really aligned for this … Continue reading

What the #$%@?! Week of 9/26/11

It’s been a pretty busy week for me so I wasn’t able to keep a close watch on stupid news this week, but I think I have something. 9/28/11 – Baltimore, MD and Atlanta, GA The Atlanta Braves hosted the Phillies and the Red Sox played the O’s for the final spot in both the AL … Continue reading

Why I Hate the Steelers

Perhaps it’s my loyalty to the Indianapolis Colts that is prompting me to write this, but I like to think my disdain for the Black and Gold is pure. It seems as though every time I see a Steelers highlight or media clip, I am left feeling annoyed. Here are some reasons why: Big Ben … Continue reading

I hate the triple option.

As I am sitting here watching my Tar Heels play Georgia Tech, I am reminded how much I hate the triple option.  It’s annoying.  GT is just like a fly that other teams just can’t kill.  Don’t get me wrong, they are effective running the option.  Perhaps I’m just a traditionalist, but I don’t think … Continue reading