Eat Mor Chikin (Or Not) – My Take on Chick-fil-a

I never get political, especially on the internet, but why are people boycotting Chick-fil-a like it’s their job? There isn’t a corporation anywhere that prescribes to every single religious belief or political stance an individual can possess. Where were these people when Chinese workers were committing suicide while they were making their precious iPhones? Sure Chick-fil-a may not want gays to be married and are defending their perceived sanctity of such a bond, but isn’t that more of the government’s problem for not allowing the same benefits to gay couples that are given to hetero couples and not separating legal marriage from religious marriage? I’m aware that Chick-fil-a lobbies for preservation of marriage, but they are simply exercising their right to voice their opinion. If you have a problem with it, take it up with the government and press to get that Amendment changed. Don’t attack a chicken sandwich chain.

The notion that Chick-fil-a is hateful is ignorant. I guarantee you that Chick-fil-a and none of its board members advocate hate – they are a Christian company after all (not saying that Christians can’t be hateful, but they do tend to practice acts of love). Sure they don’t believe in gay marriage and that is a belief they are standing up for and that they have the right to hold. Shouldn’t that be respected to some extent? Sure they may seem hypocritical because they don’t subscribe to the other Levitican laws that are in the Bible (such as not wearing multi-fiber clothing), but aren’t these protesters hypocritical for picking and choosing which of the “unjust” companies that they boycott? Why not boycott Apple? Bank of America? Or basically any other company that is prone to be in a morally gray zone in some respects?

I know that Gay rights is a hot issue and has been for the last few decades, but Chick-fil-a is just expressing it’s freedom of speech. I mean shouldn’t they be praised to some extent? They put kids through college and let them get Sundays off. When was the last time you were ever pissed at Chick-fil-a? It is a happy place with genuinely polite employees. You can exercise your freedom of speech as well. But, please, put your bleeding hearts away if you are going to pick and choose which causes to fight against.

I’m all for freedom of speech and I’m all for freedom of the individual, but pointing out hypocrisy and bigotry is usually just reciprocating the system. Let’s all just enjoy some chicken sandwiches (or not) peacefully and stop making such a big deal about it. And don’t be surprised the next time a conservative Christian says they are against gay marriage (Chick-fil-a was asked 2 years ago) and then ask again – that’s expecting a different result from the same process and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of foolishness.

Just to be clear, I am not commenting on Gay rights, I’m commenting on freedom of speech and religion (and from religion). It irks me when people jump to boycott a restaurant with generally good morals expressing their speech in a way that does not mortally harm anyone when they are ignoring other, more severe atrocities going on around them.

Leave a comment either here or on Facebook or Twitter if you disagree with any aspect of my argument. I would love to see other viewpoints and have an intelligent and respectful conversation about this.


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