Summer is Here

Prior to these last few weeks I have been told of the mythical New York heat in the summer but have yet to experience anything than highs in the upper seventies. That all came to an end in a matter of 24 hours. One day it was 71 and breezy and the next day was pushing 100 feel and had an air quality warning. Everywhere you look man, woman and child are wiping their sweat mustaches showing that no one is safe from the NY heat.

Enough complaining about the heat – now I’ll talk about what I’ve done over the last two weeks. Last weekend started with the Ukraine – France match up in the EURO Cup. I donned my Ukraine national jersey and headed to the neighborhood Ukrainian bar – Veselka. I walked through the door into a mass of French and Ukrainian fans watching the match at the bar. I ordered some stuffed cabbage and perogies which were delicious – I told my girlfriend about this and she was relieved that I liked her native cuisine. I also ordered Ukrainian lager called Obolon (Оболонь). It was good and different compared to domestics, but then again I’m not a beer expert. We also got free shots from the scoring team’s country for every goal scored. It was a rowdy atmosphere and it was exciting. I wish Ukraine was still in it so I could have that experience again.


Later that weekend, I wondered around SoHo to see if I could find any thrift stores where there would be gently used clothing from rich people. I found one called Housing Works. The men’s selection wasn’t great but it had designers from Prada to Gucci and also a mix of Old Navy and other middle-class designers. I found a nice pair of corduroy pants from New York designer Benson. The best part about these are they were only 10 bucks and were brand new.

However, the best find from my wandering around SoHo was the used book store next to Housing Works. Also owned by Housing Works, this book shop is huge. It has everything you could want to find from records to classic books in their original print. I picked up two classics I’ve never read: The Invisible man and 1984 (in its 1984 print). It’s been a while since I’ve read for fun outside of class and I’ve already finished one book this week and hopefully I keep this habit going.

The following Friday I went with some friends from work to an advanced showing of upcoming photographers called Photoville. It was located in Brooklyn Bridge Park and the galleries were shown inside of shipping containers outdoors. It almost got rained out, but I’m glad I got to see some interesting work from some up-and-coming artists – plus there was free beer and food which is always a plus. Oh, here is a photo I shot of Manhattan from the park in Brooklyn.


I didn’t get any pictures, but I got to walk around Wall Street and see the new Towers as well as the Bull and the Statue of Liberty. I was disappointed that I only saw two Occupy Wall Street protesters, but it rained earlier so I’ll give them a break.


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