What the #$%@?! Series 4/4/12 – Pau Gasol Edition

I don’t know if any of you watched the Lakers/Clippers game last night, but it was awesome. It wasn’t just a good, competitive game to watch, it was like watching an art expo – featuring Blake Griffin. And all of this happened at Pau Gasol’s expense.

I consider myself to be an NBA fan, but with college basketball just finishing up I haven’t really gotten the chance to sit down and enjoy a game until last night. I’m sure glad I did. I have always hated the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the greatest players of his generation, but I just don’t like him. It’s hard to explain.

Blake Griffin, on the other hand, is someone who I despised in college but love in the NBA. Maybe it’s his Kia commercials which shows the humorous side of Griffin. Or maybe it’s the fact the he can dunk over  anybody – yea that’s probably the reason I hopped on the BG32 bandwagon.

Take a look at these two dunks the Griffmeister had on Pau Gasol last night:

Both of these videos are affirmation for my claim that Gasol is one of the softest “stars” in the NBA.

Just for fun, here is his monster slam on Kendrick Perkins:


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