Volkswagen’s New Commercial

With over 3 million views on YouTube, many people have already seen Volkswagen’s follow up to last year’s kid Vader commercial. I like this commercial, but not as much as the “The Force,” and here’s why:

  •  It just doesn’t tug at my heartstrings.  “The Force” is something that evokes emotion in me. Maybe it’s because I was once that boy trying to have super powers or I want to be that dad that allows his child’s imagination to run free and succeed. Maybe it’s because I’m not really a dog person. Or maybe it’s because I just don’t like Beetles as much as I like Passats. Whatever the case may be, I just see a somewhat funny story about a dog working out to chase a car. Now contrast that against a child trying to live out a fantasy while his parents help him. Now which one is more impactful?
  • VW is trying to piggyback off last year’s ad. The ending of the ad takes place in the Mos Eisley Cantina which shows them trying to relate that previous ad to this one. It’s all cute and fun especially when Vader starts choking the dog lover. But, this scene is enough to make any Star Wars fan cringe. First of all, and maybe this is over-analyzing the situation, why would Mos Eisley air commercials from Earth in a “galaxy far far away?’ Secondly, and most importantly, Star Wars takes place in the past so it is impossible to have Vader and co. present to watch the commercial. To the average, non-Star Wars-loving American this is a nice and cute ending to a good commercial, but I think they should have ended it before the cantina scene.

In conclusion, Volkswagen should have left the original commercial alone just like George Lucas should not have produced Star Wars episodes 1-3.


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