UNC. On a boat.

Yes, this is old news by now.  Stay with me.  Here are my thoughts on the Carrier Classic.

Whoever thought of this should be given an award of some sort.  This is the greatest public relations/marketing event I have ever seen. Quicken Loans really out did themselves  this time.

The stars really aligned for this game. The first game of the season, the number one team in the league against a historically great team, on Veteran’s Day, ON AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER, and with President Obama in attendance – all on 11/11/11. It truly was a spectacular event.

The best part was that the game was secondary. What the event focused on most was the veterans. The game even stopped for the lowering of the flag at sunset. The game was not even that good – it was all about honoring US war heroes.

I think Jay Bilas said it best, “the number one team in the country played for the number one team in the world.”

Not to mention, the Tar Heel and Spartan jerseys were sick.


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