What the #$%@?! Week of 9/26/11

It’s been a pretty busy week for me so I wasn’t able to keep a close watch on stupid news this week, but I think I have something.

9/28/11 – Baltimore, MD and Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta Braves hosted the Phillies and the Red Sox played the O’s for the final spot in both the AL and NL playoffs.  Both of the teams choked…enormously.

Boston blew a nine game lead in 25 days.  After leading the league in hitting, the Red Sox blow the season because of their abysmal pitching staff.  People are saying that the curse of the Bambino is still in effect, but I just accredit this meltdown to a poor rotation and bullpen.  Not to mention they fired Terry Francona – the only manager to win two World Series titles for the club in over 90 years.  I support Theo Epstein’s decision to cut him loose; there is no excuse for that self-implosion.

Red Sox Choke

The Atlanta braves.  People in North Carolina love the Braves.  It’s all about 90s nostalgia. They choked just as bad, if not worse, as the Sox.  The Tribe had the wild card slot locked at the end of August and in just a few short weeks they are on the outside looking in at the Cardinals who actually played well down the stretch.  It doesn’t help when the heart of your lineup goes 4-25 with 9 strikeouts in the final, and most important, game of the season. At least I can say that my Cubs had a say in the fate of the Braves: I was at the Cubs game at Turner when Uggla choked away his hitting streak.  Little did I know that that meaningless win for the Cubs (they were all but mathematically out of the playoffs) would seal the fate of the Atlanta Braves.  The Cubs have a curse to blame their bad season on; the Braves have no excuse.  But like they say in Wrigleyville: “There’s always next year.”


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