I hate the triple option.

As I am sitting here watching my Tar Heels play Georgia Tech, I am reminded how much I hate the triple option.  It’s annoying.  GT is just like a fly that other teams just can’t kill.  Don’t get me wrong, they are effective running the option.  Perhaps I’m just a traditionalist, but I don’t think your team should be so 1-dimensional.  What happens when the other team figures out your running patterns?  Pass the ball?  GT is a perennial running team; they never throw.  Even when they had Calvin Johnson, he was their only option.  They recruit to run, not to throw.  They are a solid ACC team, but that playing style will not work in the NFL.  I feel sorry for the offense of GT (especially the QB and WRs) because they have little chance to show their NFL potential.


One thought on “I hate the triple option.

  1. Your an idiot dude, GT and many other option teams have killed opponents passing that ball. So what if they dont throw it a lot, if its not broke, why fix it. Tripe-Option teams are known for running most of the time, but in almost every game, the defense will give up a huge pass play, and thats the strength. It sets up the play-action pass when they focus so much on the run. I understand your like most people who just want to throw the ball all of the time, but time and time again, it has been proven that a solid run-game will make things easier to throw, and GT is not different.

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